What is Planet eStream Connect?

Planet eStream Connect is a new content resource for educators, enabling users to enhance their Planet eStream media archive with educationally relevant media curated by teachers.

At a Glance

  • Free access to the BBC Digital archive with over 1,000,000 TV and radio recordings
  • Free access to the BBC Shakespeare archive with 600 TV and radio recordings
  • Search and select programmes and entire series to add to your own media archive
  • Rank, rate and comment on content that you have downloaded

And, coming soon...

  • Request and share content with other UK educational organisations
  • Communicate with other users to request and discover new educational content


  • Create coursework and assessments to positively impact student progress and achievement
  • 24/7 access to trusted resources from any device
  • Bring the curriculum to life with high quality UK content from the BBC
  • Collaborate and communicate with other like-minded educational organisations to share and request other educational content in a secure environment
  • Self-curated content for teachers by teachers
  • Create learning activities to increase student engagement
  • Enhance your digital learning provision via your VLE
  • Create flipped learning content with ease

If your organisation has qualified for and registered to use the Planet eStream Connect service, you can register as described below. If the "Planet eStream Connect Now Available!" message does not display the next time you log in, please contact your IT department.

How do I Register for Planet eStream Connect?

Step 1. Take me There!

When you next log in to Planet eStream, you will see the "Planet eStream Connect Now Available!" message. Click "Take me there!" and on the next window, click "Continue" to register.

Step 2. Enter Name, Level and Subjects

Enter your user name and select the level of education that you teach at, and also which subjects are of interest to you. Click "Register" and then "Ok" on the pop-up window, and you will be taken to the Planet eStream Connect home page.

How do I Use Planet eStream Connect?

Step 1. Open Planet eStream Connect

To access the Planet eStream Connect page via the Planet eStream home page, hover over the "Create" button at the top, then click "Connect".

Step 2. Search for Content

Enter your search term into the search bar at the top of the Planet eStream Connect page, and click the magnifying glass icon to search. You can also choose to filter results by the date they were broadcast, channel or station, as well as change the order the results are shown in.

Step 3. Add to Planet eStream

When you find the item you want to add, click "Add to Planet eStream". If there are multiple items with the same title, these will be put into a collection, which you can open by clicking "Show Collection".

Step 4. Set Categories and Create

If you have permission to sort content into categories, you can do so on the next window, but you cannot edit the item's metadata, publishing policy or privacy. Click "Create" to go to the final window.

Step 5. Select Subjects

Finally, select the subjects relevant to the programme, and if you like, add a brief comment on why you are adding this programme to Planet eStream. Click "Add" at the bottom and your item will be added to the download queue.

The length of time it takes for an item to become available on Planet eStream depends on a number of factors, such as how many other users are currently requesting content. We expect that downloads should normally finish within half an hour. Once the download is complete, the item will appear on Planet eStream as if you had uploaded a video in the regular way. You will be able to find it by using the search bar, the "Recently Added" widget if this is available, or via the categories page if you chose to place the item in a category.