Planet eStream Connect is both a service and a community.

Content Sharing

Planet eStream Connect is both a service and a community. As a service it enables users to share all their free-to-air recordings with over 2000 schools, colleges and universities. A repository of television and radio recordings of this scale, coupled with access to the BBC Digital Archive, makes Planet eStream Connect a fantastic resource for educationally rich broadcast content.

As a community it enables users from all organisations to create an online identity and interact. Users can request, share and recommend content via the Planet eStream Connect Beacon and can even choose to share their own user generated content.

Please note all features advertised on this page are available to UK clients only.

Get Connected

Planet eStream Connect is so much more than just a portal to great educational broadcast content, it’s also a social mechanism for the Planet eStream Community to share resources. Users can register with their subject specialisms and add like-minded users from other members of the community as ‘friends’. The innovative Connect Beacon tool enables users to post both requests and recommendations for content. This works in two ways; it helps educators looking for resources to support their teaching quickly with content recommended or validated by other educators. It is also a great way for members of the community to share their own user created curricular content or examples of good practise either privately with ‘friends’ that they have set up or publically with the entire community.

The great thing about the Connect Beacon is that it filters what requests and notifications users receive based upon their preferences, for example subject choice. The Planet eStream Community currently consists of over 2000 educational establishments, this makes the Connect community a portal for like-minded educators to collaborate and a fantastic resource for educational content.

The connect beacon with Planet eStream
Get connected

"We have downloaded around 520 programmes since we set it up on the 11th April. These have been a combination of those I know might be of interest, direct requests and some tutors going onto Connect directly and requesting programmes." Simon Mapp, Learning Centre Assistant, Coleg Cambria